WP географ (coral_sand) wrote in retro_futurism,
WP географ

Light & music, 1900s

«Popular Mechanics»,
Prediction 1915: Electric Organ Plays In Colors
«... are vividly expressed by color parts used in connection with orchestral music in some of the greatest concert halls of the world.»

Prediction 1924: Light Show Symphonies
"Light music is as much an art as painting, sculpture or dancing, and is a wonderful medium for artistic expression."

Prediction 1938: Fire And Water Light Concerts

"I confidently predict that a few years will place 'light concerts' beside symphony concerts, the opera and the movies. And every home will have a color organ, as every home now has a piano or a phonograph," – says Thomas Wilfred, inventor of the Clavilux light organ.
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