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Weather Domes - 1956

Gleefully inspired from vintage_ads, the idea of a weather dome probably seemed far-fetched when this magazine ad was published in 1956. The image shows up cropped online without attribution, but a little digging revealed that sponsor was "America's Independent Light and Power Companies"--whoever they are!

Visitors to West Edmonton Mall's World Waterpark or Germany's Tropical Island Resort know that you can make a bit of paradise in cold weather places.

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Pierre Cardin's Bubble Palace

Usually known for his futuristic fashions, Pierre Cardin lived his ideals with this fascinatingly futuristic home designed by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag and located on Massif de L’Esterel on the French Riviera. Built between 1975 and 1989, Cardin was surprisingly not the original owner of this sprawling colony!

View dozens of photos of the interior and exterior here: https://flashbak.com/pierre-cardin-home-palais-bulles-bubble-palace-france-436459/

Pierre Cardin's Bubble Palace, exterior view
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Radio Controlled Farm of the Future, 1939

(from Popular Mechanics )

Tomorrow's farmer, if a diorama at the New York World's Fair prophesies are right, will be rather a radio navigator and dispatcher than a tiller of the soil.
The diorama depicts the farm engineer seated in his glass-enclosed radio tower, manipulating switches that transmit radio signals to the robot machines that sow and cultivate, irrigate, harvest, sort and can, freeze and pack the crop, all by remote control.